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Angling Adventures with Schultz Sportfishing is a Niagara River Fishing Guide Service for King Salmon, Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Lake Trout and Brown Trout. Also offering guided trips on the Niagara Bar & Lake Ontario as well as Lake Erie. I Fish out of Lewiston Landing in Lewiston or Fort Niagara State Park in Youngstown when fishing the Lower Niagara River.

Come enjoy the scenic beauty of the mighty Niagara River while fishing for the awesome King Salmon, battling these powerful fighters is an experience that will have lasting memories and leave you yearning to come back again and again! The King Salmon come up the Niagara River on their annual spawning runs in mid to late September thru mid October by the hundreds! Making it a great time to catch these 15-25 pound King's of all Fresh Water Game Fish while enjoying the bright colors of the changing leaves drifting through the beautiful Niagara Gorge. We fish by drifting skein, egg sacs and Kwikfish on light tackle for the fight of a Lifetime! A typical day is landing 5-9 Kings with 10-15 hook ups a day common, but the hard part is getting these brawlers into the boat. Between their size and the Niagara River's strong current, you'll have your hands full trying to land them! The Famed "Devils Hole" is where most of this action takes place. It can a little intimidating and tricky navigating through the fast currents and rocks, so your first trip should be with a knowledgeable guide to ensure your safety as well as show you how to catch these screaming drag burning Kings! Once you tangle with one of these Big Boys you'll be hooked!

At the end of October as the Salmon run starts to wind down, the Steelhead, Brown Trout and Lake Trout start to show up to stuff themselves on Salmon eggs and the plentiful baitfish. Then the Brown Trout and Lake Trout start to spawn in late October thru November, while some remain throughout the Niagara River all winter long but most drop back to the river mouth/Niagara Bar. The Steelhead hang around mainly in the upper stretches of the Niagara River until spring when they spawn and the water temps rise above their liking. Having fresh runs of Steelies coming up the river all winter long into late April/early May makes for fantastic fishing for these acrobatic leapers that rivals the Best Trout Fishing anywhere in the World! Limit catches are the norm most days. But I try to promote CPR (Catch, Photo & Release) as unlike Salmon they don't die after spawning. They can live up to 10 years+ and can make a lot of other anglers happy catching them as long as they are released to fight another day! The Steelhead & Brown Trout can be picky and a challenge to catch some days because of water clarity, fishing pressure and wind. So you should use a good guide to have a successful and enjoyable trip on the Niagara. Just dress warm while giving this trip a try, you won't be disappointed!

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The summer Smallmouth Bass fishing rivals anywhere for numbers of these feisty fighters. 50-75 fish days on 1-2# Smallies are common with a few 3 pounders mixed in and the occasional 4#+ Hog. There is also excellent trophy Walleye & Musky fishing at times throughout the Niagara River. This is one of the best kept secrets that is finally getting out, the huge Walleyes that inhabit the Niagara River/Niagara Bar. When I say Huge, I mean Huge, 10-14 pound Hogs that are caught fairly regularly. There was an unconfirmed report of a 17#+ Slob caught on the Canadian side a couple years ago. It's not a numbers fishery like Lake Erie, but its a quality fishery that is very fragile. We really need to release these monsters to sustain and improve this upcoming fishery so everyone has a chance to catch one of these True Trophies! Look at the 32 1/2", 13pound 2 ounce Monster one of my clients caught while Salmon fishing.
Also depending on the year, there are some good runs of Silver Bass in the spring which is a nice bonus when they are in, but it's hit or miss.
Driving Directions to Lewiston Landing

Licensing Info:

When fishing the Niagara River for Salmon & Steelhead, I highly recommend getting a Canadian fishing license as well as your mandatory NY fishing license as it opens up a lot more area to fish and some days it much better over on the Canadian side. You don't want to watch them pounding them on the Canadian side and not be able to go catch them too! Note; you don't need a Passport to fish Ontario water, only if you set foot on land.

You can get an Ontario Fishing License by going Online Instantly (need credit card & printer),
Calling: 1-800-288-1155 (they mail you them which usually takes 3-4 weeks)
Going into Canada which requires a Passport, Enhanced Drivers License or Nexis Card by crossing either the:
Lewiston Queenston Bridge: Canadian Tire at 3770 Montrose Rd Niagara Falls, Ontario 1-905-354-3848
Rainbow Bridge: Canadian Tire at 6840 Mcleod Rd Niagara Falls, Ontario 1-905-358-0161

You can get a NY Fishing License Online, by calling: 1-866-933-2257
At any Walmart, Kmart or Town Hall in NY. There is a 24 hour Walmart in Dunkirk on Route 60 about a 1/4 mile from the exit if you coming in on Interstate 90.

Lake Ontario & the Niagara Bar

At the mouth of the Niagara River, where it meets Lake Ontario, lies the Niagara Bar! The Best Year Round, Multi-Species Fishery in New York and quite possibly the World! After their spawning runs, the Brown Trout & Lake Trout typically drop back to the Niagara Bar, to recuperate and put on the feed bag. This makes for some of the best Trout Fishing in the world where 10-20 fish a day averaging 8-12 pounds are the norm from November through May or to when the water warms to above their liking of 55-60 degrees. This is a mixed bag of Lakers, Browns, Steelies as well as the occasional King or Coho all taken "hands on" fishing by drifting live bait, kwikfish, casting jigs or spoons on light tackle. With some fish surpassing 20 pounds, your arms will be tired at days end, aching to come back for more! I don't offer trolling trips, but the spring Salmon & trout trolling off the Niagara Bar is the Best on Lake Ontario with most of the spring Derby entrees coming from the Niagara Bar every year!

Even though the Niagara Bar is most well know for it's Trout & Salmon fishing, the Smallmouth Bass fishing from late May through October is equally as good. Catching 50-75 Smallies in the 1-2 pound class is common with a good shot a 4 pounder. This is a great fishery to bring kids or any one who just wants to catch lots of fish! Again, its hands on fishing by drifting live bait or casting jigs or a drop shot rig. There's also some Huge Walleye around the Niagara Bar and out on Lake Ontario during the summer. You won't catch a bunch of them but when you do hook into one, there's a good chance it will be a Walleye of a Lifetime! Driving Directions to Fort Niagara Launch

You Can Stay At:

Portage House Motel - 280 Portage Rd Lewiston, NY 14092 (716) 754-8295

Riverside Motel - 160 South Water St, Lewiston, NY 14092 (716) 754-4101

Barton Hill Hotel & Spa - 100 Center St, Lewiston, NY 14092 (716) 754-9070

River Fish Inn Vacation Rentals - 2 rental houses in Lewiston (716) 743-7225

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